We possess a Command & Control Centre that is capable to support several activities from different fields (space, homeland security, GIS mapping, image analysis and post-processing). Moreover, we own and run a fully equipped Satellite Ground Station that currently receives satellite data from EUMETSAT.

Via ARATOS Space Content Unit the received satellite datasets are transformed to digital content like maps, databases, processed signals and satellite photos, geolocated information like fire hot spots, earthquake epicentres and others. ARATOS Space Content Unit provides regularly updated maps of cities, infrastructure, geo-intelligence, population data, critical infrastructures data and many others according to the requirements per case.

Pipeline Surveillance System

Critical infrastructures (free-standing) like pipelines (oil, gas, slurry, water) that extend hundreds of kilometers through the countries are unprotected easily vulnerable against vandalism and sabotage. Their protection is of massive importance. Total Security Process Re-engineering (TSPR) began as a technique to help all security systems specialists to fundamentally reconsider how they run their security issues in order to dramatically improve effectiveness and efficiency for the customer, to cut security operational costs and to become world-class competitors in Security Industry. A key stimulus for re-engineering has been the continuing development and deployment of sophisticated information systems and networks.

Aratos-Systems RPAS

Aratos-Systems designs, integrates and offers a variety of sophisticated surveillance solutions based on Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems for many international enterprises and organisations, offering more capabilities, better performance, lower cost and more respect to the environment. TALOS 2020, the new ARATOS-SYSTEMS GLAM RPAS is a revolutionary solution for day/night monitoring against human threats for the above Homeland Security sectors providing high-quality monitoring data. TALOS 2020 is a small electrical unit equipped with thermal and optical cameras, GPS and software for following up to 200 pre-programmed waypoints. Our technology allows Beyond Visual Line of Sight monitoring (BVLOS) and flight at any time (day or night) the same distance off the ground!

Foldable Solar Panel / Tracking Device

Aratos-Systems Smart Military Solutions: a light weighted foldable solar panel for powering/recharging military electronic equipment out in the field and also a GPS tracking device easily embedded inside whatever military equipment or load.

Aratos-Systems Maritime Security Services

The increasing maritime security incidents enforce the need for professional security services, capable of surveying multiple spatiotemporal scales ranging from open seas to near coastal waters.