ARATOS Systems, founded in 2016, continuously provides an increasing range of added-value products, services and solutions in the areas of Homeland Security, Defense, Cybersecurity, Space, while its fields of operation are Critical Infrastructure protection, Security of Telecommunications, Disaster and Crisis Management, Geo-spatial Intelligence, Blockchain for Security with a clear vision on providing best quality upon research and commercial developments.

Certified with ISO 9001:2015 & ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

Among the capabilities of experienced executives of Aratos Systems one can distinguish solid expertise in:
- Command & Control Systems,
-Computers & Intelligence (C4I) solutions,
-Critical Infrastructures and
-Environs (physical/cyber) security monitoring,
-Crisis Management & Strategic Intelligence,
-Total Security Process Re-engineering (TSPR),
-Information Security Governance and
-Risk Management.

ARATOS Systems through years has created a network of associates that consists of regional and International Research Institutes, Universities, as well as denoted technological organizations, globally, thus maintaining a strong and active profile in national and International RTD.

ARATOS Systems has obtained already a strong presence in the territory of the security-related EU-funded research projects (H2020, GSA, DG-ECHO, ESA etc.)

Furthermore, through collaborations with distinguished individuals (Researchers, Professors, SMEs etc.) ARATOS Systems is promoting innovation through research and development via the vehicles of its companies which continuously provide high quality and commitment and introduce value-added services to end-users, by delivering tailor-made products and services and by adapting flexible market strategies to optimize these deliverables.

ARATOS Systems also possesses a Command & Control Centre that is capable to support several activities from different fields (Space, Geo-Intelligence, Imagery Analysis and Post-processing).

Finally, ARATOS Systems owns and runs a fully equipped Satellite Ground Station constantly connected with EUMETSAT.