Through ARATOS HAPS we provide superior and trusted space-like applications & services. ARATOS HAPS are airborne platforms intended for operating from the stratosphere and consist of a multi-purpose, re-usable ecosystem equipped with alternating payloads of any kind, such as monitors, cameras, scanners and a multitude of sensors capable of operating at high altitudes.

Each airborne platform bears custom software in order to perform optimally in relation to the use-case scenarios that it serves, while at the same time it communicates in real-time with the Ground Base Station, from which it is further controlled and to which it delivers all acquired data.

The advantageous services that ARATOS HAPS provide, act as complementary applications over satellites, Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems and terrestrial infrastructures, at relatively low cost, and render these services available to a wider user audience.

ARATOS HAPS operational features:

  • No costly launching procedures
  • 24/7 real-time secure data transmission
  • High-Definition Imaging
  • Can stay airborne and operate for weeks at almost zero cost
  • Can monitor vast areas while being able to be directed at any time to specific areas of interest
  • Can dynamically adapt to cloud coverage
  • Provide optimal revisit rate and data freshness

Given the above, ARATOS HAPS excel at environmental monitoring, smart agriculture support, smart transport systems’ support, land and maritime surveillance, border control and telecommunication support. Especially when it comes to emergency situations, ARATOS HAPS can ensure the operability of National Security Communications.