🛰️ Commercial Space Remote Sensing and Its Role in National Security.


Several remote sensing and data technologies matured in the early 2000s, and commercial investment in these technologies fueled innovation that better aligned commercial space remote sensing capabilities with government needs. Specific to sensing, the traditional on-orbit electro-optical and infrared imagery that fueled Cold War awareness of Russian actions began to rapidly increase in quality with the debut of commercial satellites such as QuickBird in 2001 and GeoEye-1 in 2008. Where 60 cm resolution was top-tier in the early 2000s, 25 cm resolution or better was the norm by the mid-2010s. The revolution in commercial space remote sensing has the potential to shatter the paradigms of how national security professionals think about indications and warnings of adversary actions. Rather than relying exclusively on high-demand, low-density government-owned national assets, commercial sensing offers orders of magnitude more coverage and revisit rates that can augment and queue the sensing capabilities provided by more exquisite government-owned and government-operated systems. #defence #security #space #remotesensing

Source: https://lnkd.in/eSXu5wh5