Dr. N. Bogonikolos, President of Aratos Group presented cybersecurity topics in International Productivity Week 2021 global conference.


The International Productivity Week global conference event is a unique professional event on a global scale, where hundreds of specialists and managers from different countries meet in the virtual space of IPWeek and share their experience and get acquainted with the best solutions in business digitalization, production systems development and human capital management. IPWeek 2021 takes place online from 11 October to 15 October, 2021. Earlier today, Dr. Nikos Bogonikolos, President of Aratos Group took part in the Round Table with title “Cyber-physical Production Systems. Challenges and solutions” regarding issues concerning “Cloud storage and cybersecurity” and he shared with the rest of participants his experience on emerging cybersecurity technologies and occurring cyber threats and risks along with the brilliant case of Aratos Total Security Process Re-engineering methodology which can be extremely useful in cybersecurity together with Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technologies.
More info on IPWeek 2021: https://ipweek.eu/
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