• Q: What is EXTREMA?
    A: EXTREMA is an emergency notification system for extreme temperatures. It provides personalized, real-time and location-based heat risk alerts and recommendations for citizens via a mobile application. EXTREMA mobile app proposes numerous cooling centres and navigation information, by foot or public transport, to the nearest one. For this purpose, EXTREMA uses real-time satellite data, along with other model and city-specific data to estimate the temperature, humidity, and discomfort index for every square kilometer in the city.

  • Q: What Operating System does it run on?
    A: The mobile app runs on both iOS and android smartphones. It can be downloaded from either Apple store or Google Play, respectively.

  • Q: Why isn't my location displayed on the EXTREMA map?
    A: You must first enable your device's location services at the settings menu. If your location is still not displayed try to change your position. This may happen, for example, if you are located inside a tunnel or in a non-signal area.

  • Q: What does the green marker on EXTREMA mobile app map represent?
    A: The green marker represents your location or the location you have searched.

  • Q: Do other mapping services support EXTREMA’s navigation directions to cooling centres?
    A: Yes, the routing directions to a specific cooling centre can be displayed at google maps or other app of your phone as well.

  • Q: Does the app work when I am indoors?
    A: Yes, the application works wherever you are as long as your internet connection is enabled. In exceptional cases your location might not appear in EXTREMA map when indoors, due to weak location signal. Keep in mind that the displayed temperature and personalized heat health risk refer to the outdoor conditions.

  • Q: Can the app run without internet connection?
    A: No, the application cannot run without internet connection, as it needs to receive updated info about weather conditions, analyze it and display the results to you.

  • Q: Is there any chance that a suggested cooling centre will be closed?
    A: The management of cooling centres is a matter of municipal decision and policy. In case such thing happens, the app will be updated suitably.

  • Q: Does the app inform me about how crowded the cooling centres are?
    A: No. The mobile app provides information regarding the opening hours, address, entrance fee and navigation guidance to the cooling centres.

  • Q: Is the personal information of the profile I created visible or available to others?
    A: No. The personal information that you enter is processed and stored on the mobile device where EXTREMA is installed and it is not further processed or transmitted. Location data is processed solely for the provision of the EXTREMA service.

  • Q: What is the purpose of creating a profile?
    A: The creation of your profile is needed for the more accurate estimation of your personalized health heat risk

  • Q: What information can be saved into a profile?
    A: When creating a new profile you must type a name (or a nickname), the gender, the age and specify if the person suffers from any chronic illnesses or if he/she takes any daily medication.


EXTREMA is a DG ECHO co-funded project, 2018-2019, GA 783180.